IoT Solutions

Air quality monitoring is extremely important, as air pollution has a direct impact on human health. Currently, the people are detached from the air quality monitoring process, but acutely aware of the impact that air quality has on their health.

ekoNET platform with the EB800/RPi800 monitoring device at its heart, represents a solutions which enables the public, enterprises and the cities – ANYONE to have different measurement data available ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.

How does it work?

ekoNET is a platform which makes an integration of the air quality monitoring device (EB800/RPi800 or any other) possible enabling a real-time and historical data storage, retrieval and visualization through the cloud based server, together with the mobile and web applications. Real time data transfer is possible through GPRS (EB800) and LAN ( RPi800) EB800/RPi800 is equipped with six gas and particle sensors (optional) as well as with other sensors for air pressure, humidity, temperature and noise measurements.

For more information download ekoNET White Paper

Main features

Real-time measurements
Easily portable and traceable air quality monitoring devices (EB800)
EB800 can be modified to accommodate customer requirements
Multimodal data visualization